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SWISS KRONO GROUP: New management to implement a sustainable growth strategy under a new umbrella brand.

Lucerne, 30 June 2016

The SWISS KRONO GROUP ranks among the world’s leading manufacturers of engineered wood products. With ten factories in eight countries, products for timber construction as well as for decorative furniture and interior fittings are manufactured. In the area of laminate flooring, the SWISS KRONO GROUP is the global market leader. Services tailored to customer requirements and regional differences complete the package of offered products. At the beginning of 2016, the names and logos of the individual sites are being replaced by a single, unified brand image. Since then, the corporation is acting as an integrated group under the name of SWISS KRONO.

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"WALL STREET" - сollection of wall panels with the new profile

Dear Partners and Guests of our website!

We inform you that beginning from 01.07.2016 our company proceeds to the manufacture of wall panels with the new profile in the collection of "WALL STREET" (dimensions: 2600*250*7mm).

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The new collection of laminate flooring DE FACTO

Dear Partners and Guests!

We are glad to represent the new collection of laminate flooring DE FACTO with the highest performance and unique aesthetic characteristics.

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We want to underpin our traditions with a strong, unified brand and make a mark internationally. In this way, we will help to shape the market.

Ines Kaindl, President of the Administrative Council of the SWISS KRONO GROUP

Big changes are in store for us. We therefore want to share with you what we are currently working hard on in the SWISS KRONO GROUP.

This year we will celebrate our firm’s 50th anniversary. We are proud of everything we have accomplished over the past half-century. Today the SWISS KRONO GROUP ranks among the world’s leading producers of engineered wood products. The fruits of our labour are used in 90 countries around the globe to erect eco-friendly buildings and create personalised living spaces. We manufacture our products in 10 plants in eight countries, each of which has so far had its own company name and image. Now, however, we have decided to strengthen our image as a group, pool our expertise and forge a single, consistent identity: WE ARE ONE – THE NEW ONE.


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