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Wall panels

SWISS KRONO wall panels provide an opportunity for a creative approach to interior design. They provide not only exceptional finish quality, but also have good durability and represent an aesthetic and attractive solution to the room design. Wall panels are generally used to cover the walls, although they may as well be used for ceiling decoration.

Practical and eco-friendly wall panels are an integral part of the modern interior. They are distinguished not only by excellent quality, but also by such indicators as aesthetics, ease of installation and the presence of many decors for every taste. The panels provide additional thermal and acoustic insulation of the premises. Easy installation allows you to lay the panel both horizontally and vertically, as well as at an angle.

Wall panels are made on the basis of MDF boards covered with decorative film on one side. Features of the process provide MDF wall panels a number of advantages over other finishing materials. Using wall panels at home and in the office, in the kitchen and in the meeting room, you will provide high sound absorption, thermal insulation and, of course, attractive appearance of the premises. When caring for the panels, you will save yourself from the tedious process of cleaning the walls – it`s enough to wipe the panels monthly with a damp cloth or any detergent that does not contain abrasive materials, and if necessary, you can easily replace the damaged elements. Decoration of rooms with wall panels does not provide for preliminary finishing of walls: alignment, removal of old paint or wallpaper, plaster and other operations. Works on finishing rooms with panels do not require the use of special tools, equipment and high professional skills. The low cost of wall panels, simplicity and ease of installation provide significant savings in time and money. A wide range of decors and versatility of laying allow to realize the most fantastic design developments.


• Hygienic safety (formaldehyde emission class E1)

• Aesthetic qualities

• Strength

• Easy installation

• Easy care

• Do not require special preparation of the wall before installation

• Do not require the use of special tools

• Do not require preservation

ATTENTION: wall panels are unsuitable for rooms with humidity level more than 70%.

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